Powered by the Reliable GX Engine, achieving outstanding environmental friendliness Honda offers a range of Pumps. De-Watering pumps for irrigation, Construction pumps for the job sites, or Multi-purpose pumps for a variety of industrial and agricultural chemicals.

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Honda WB30XT Volume Pump

$999 AUD Honda WB30XT Volume Pump

Honda WB20XT Volume Pump

$799 AUD Honda WB20XT Volume Pump

Honda WX15 Volume Pump

$699 AUD Honda WX15 Volume Pump

Honda WX10 Volume Pump

$499 AUD Honda WX10 Volume Pump

Honda WT30 Trash Pump

$2, 299 AUD Honda WT30 Trash Pump

Honda WT20 Trash Pump

$1, 999 AUD Honda WT20 Trash Pump